Bloomfield Block Party Bliss

The Bloomfield Center Alliance (BCA) made Saturday, May 20th a day to remember for the citizens of the Township of Bloomfield by sponsoring from noon to eight o’clock at night, a free- admission block party on Washington Street. Everything seemed to work out in favor of those who worked so hard to put such a fun event together: the weather was as beautiful as could be, the turnout was enormous, and the good vibes were never-ending.

Besides creating an event that would help to bring the already close-knit community even closer together, another goal of the BCA’s was to present menu items from certain restaurants located in Bloomfield to introduce their culinary delights to the attendees. If Bloomfield’s citizens were not previously convinced of the delectable goodness that their township’s restaurants have to offer, the block party certainly must have changed their minds. Eateries such as Anthony’s Cheesecake, Villa Italiana, and Wasi Food received extraordinary positive attention. Nearly everyone walking the open streets was either savoring every bite of a food item or excitedly shoving the edible in the mouth of someone else, with the confident expectation that their taste buds, too, would experience pure bliss.

The BCA Strives to Make Your Day!

As if the mouthwatering food and beverages were not enough to satisfy, the BCA made sure to provide great music as well. Jeff and the Mutts performed throughout the event, and the responses from the crowd to each one of the band’s songs were always positive. One woman in particular began to hula-hoop to the band’s tunes, providing the crowd a pleasant surprise.  Bloomfield’s own DJ Hiroshi Jaguar also played a part in delivering funky beats, encouraging everyone to move and groove along to the music. Even face painting was offered to Bloomfield’s citizens, as well as a chance to take personal photos inside of a photo booth. The BCA truly went all out, but if you are familiar with the work of the BCA, you know that their “110%” behavior is nothing new.

Events like Bloomfield Center Alliance’s Block Party, comprised of fascinating entertainment, delicious meals and treats, and positive energy, have the power to remind people of the wonderful effects that Bloomfield’s public gatherings can have on its unified citizens. A great place to live! You should contact us if you are thinking of purchasing in this up and coming township.

Written by

Marsha Monel

For Team Ellenbogen

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Bloomfield Cruisers Inaugural Parade Thunders into Downtown

The first day of June had rolled around with the Bloomfield Cruisers in hot pursuit. As part of Cruise Nights 2016, the Bloomfield Cruisers will be parading their iconic, prized cars through Bloomfield every Wednesday through the end of August. The first one happened on the first of June.


The parade of cars starts near the corner of Bellevue Avenue and Broad Street and terminates in downtown Bloomfield at the Bloomfield Center, where the cars are then showcased posing in front of the tree-shaded storefronts that line the street. Automobiles of all eras made the crosstown journey, many of them the classic steel machines reminiscent of the 1950s and 60’s.


When I approached the starting location, I was stunned to see the beauty of the cars. At least 15 glistening, colorfully striking vehicles had filled the starting lot. Getting out of my car I heard the sound of all of them starting almost simultaneously. Loud engines, sonorous and pounding, filled the humid air and shook the guardrail I leaned on.  Then the cars began to file out, lined up fender to fender, one whitewall tire after the next. bc6

The chrome cruising, metallic muscle cars thundered down Broad Street, escorted by a police detail, to the honks of passing cars and joyful passerby, many of them astonished at the roaring engines and quantity of antique cars. The parade rolled down Broad St. turning the heads of everyone who saw the loud shining spectacle, most of them delighted in the nostalgia the cars beheld. It isn’t every day that people get a chance to witness a classic car, let alone 15 cruisers at once!

The parade ended at the Bloomfield Center. Located right in the heart of downtown Bloomfield, the cars began to back into the parking spots on a closed off section of Broad Street between Liberty Street and Bloomfield Avenue. This stretch is anchored by new Bloomfield College buildings and the greenly Bloomfield Center Park at the northern end, and the heart downtown Bloomfield at its southern end. This short but packed stretch of road contains dozens of restaurants, variety stores, clothing boutiques and banks. Lined with young, budding trees and iron streetlights, the antique cars added a winsome appearance to the already lively downtown scene.

People walked freely around Broad Street, roaming from car to car, observing the chrome details and pure craftsmanship that made each automobile unique. Taking in the metallic spectacle myself, I couldn’t help but feel jovial; it was an inviting atmosphere. The Bloomfield Cruisers have held a similar parade in years, but this year the Cruisers have bigger plans. This year, trophies for show winners will be awarded, courtesy of Lynnes Automotive Group. There is a DJ to play the hits, and there are food and drink tents, sponsored by the Bloomfield Cruisers, along with a kid’s corner section.  This year, they are looking to expand on their parade, incorporating more people and more cars into the show, which will bring more people to beautiful downtown Bloomfield.


Events like this are fueling Bloomfield’s renaissance. With the growth of Bloomfield College and new residential and mixed-use construction happening in the downtown area, Bloomfield is attracting a younger, professional demographic. And with the Bloomfield Cruisers car parade and other community events, more people are beginning to realize the charm of Bloomfield. The borough is connected to New York City via NJ Transit bus routes, and an NJ Transit train that serves the town, connecting riders to the Hoboken terminus and Penn Station in Manhattan via Secaucus. There is also a light-rail stop at the southern end of Bloomfield that takes riders directly to Newark Penn Station. The borough’s transit infrastructure and proximity to New York City makes for a flexible and quick commute. There are many reasons why people are choosing to relocate to Bloomfield; there’s something to offer everyone in this ever evolving town.

By Andrew Konzelmann

For Team Ellenbogen