New School Of Medicine Opening In Nutley

Photo Credit - Frances Micklow / The Star-Ledger
Photo Credit – Frances Micklow / The Star-Ledger

It’s 2017 and New Jersey has some ‘bigly’ news! In fact, its actually ‘yuuuuuuuuge’ news for those living in Nutley or Clifton. Seton Hall University and Hackensack Meridian Health will be opening the New School of Medicine.

This is officially the first private medical school operated in New Jersey for the last 50 years. It is the fifth medical school in the state and will be the only private, non-profit medical school.

No, this is not fake news! This is the real deal and we have the facts to prove it. 

Seton Hall University and Hackensack Meridian Health signed a 25-year-lease agreement for the former 16-acre campus of the Hoffmann-La Roche biomedical facility with PB Nutclifl LLC. This is an affiliate of Bloomfield-based Prism Capital Partners LLC, who acquired the property on July 13, 2016. The majority of the property is located in the Township of Nutley.

There are no losers here as negotiations include two new state of the art buildings. The first being the New School of Medicine by Hackensack Meridian Health and Seton Hall. An the second is the College of Nursing and School of Health and Medical Sciences, which is relocating to this area from the original South Orange campus. Many are looking forward to the National Health Institute-Designed Clinical Research Center, which will help serve as a research and discovery center.

So what does this all mean? Well, lets take a look at some reactions to this new development project.

Seton Hall – Excited to provide more than 1500 students with the opportunity to gain new knowledge in state of the art facilities and improve healthcare for years to come.

According to the Founding Dean of the new School of Medicine at Seton Hall University, Bonita Staton. “We’re going to make a big impact on the healthcare of the United States. ”We’re gonna start with the impact on the healthcare of the people that are in New Jersey, that are in the area were serving.” She also states, “We will be educators. We will be researchers. And we will be giving top quality care.”

Students from the medicine, nursing, occupational and physical therapy fields will benefit tremendously in the newly designed state of the art schools. Seton Hall is proud to provide students with the new facilities to improve patient care as it is one of the most important priorities. Students will be able to be engaged in a hands-on approach through operating tables and simulation labs as World-class surgeons are expected to be onsite.

Seton Hall is excited to attract the brightest minds to the field of medicine in New Jersey. This will add to a shortage in physicians that New Jersey and the US currently face. These new facilities are ready for the next generation to improve and pursue their career in the medical field.

Nutley’s Mayor – Thrilled for improving the community and enthusiastic about the future.

Nutley’s Mayor and Commissioner of Public Works, Joseph Scarpelli, issued the statement, “The Board of Commissioners and our residents are enthusiastic about the future of the site and anticipate the new medical school will be a catalyst for continued positive changes in our community. We expect as Prism begins the improvements and repurposing of the property, there will be a boost to our local economy and provide an opportunity for quality employment prospects for our residents. It is indeed an incredible honor to be mayor at this exciting time in Nutley’s history,”

Hopefully, with the addition of the Medical Facility, the other buildings can be rented by corporate tenants, thereby, returning much- needed ratables to the Township.

Residents – Mixed reactions

The majority of residents are excited for the New School of Medicine, as they agree it is a great fit. They are thrilled the currently vacant former pharmaceutical facilities are being turned into a medical school instead of shopping malls. They are no longer nervous about a large increase to their property taxes had the campus remained empty for too many years. Others may have a bit of a hard time welcoming the higher density and new traffic.

Real Estate – Celebrations all around

‘New Urbanist’ is the term for the future property, which will be a mixed site of living, working and playing. The real estate development firm Prism Capital Partners is confident that they will be able to attract corporate and research users to the new location, while uncompromising quality. 

In addition, Prism is marketing three additional, existing office buildings. These buildings totaling more than 700,000 square feet, and are build-to-suit lease and development sites. Prism has attracted noteworthy companies and is continuing to negotiating agreements with users for additional leases on site

Local Realtors® are optimistic that the ‘overflowing’ demand of housing needs will boost the local real estate market.

The Nutley and Seton Hall communities are running on adrenaline, as this news is a great sign of things to come! Some might even say New Jerseyans are… #Winning!

Currently, plans are still being drafted, and more details will be provided in the future; so check back for updates.

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Bloomfield Cruisers Inaugural Parade Thunders into Downtown

The first day of June had rolled around with the Bloomfield Cruisers in hot pursuit. As part of Cruise Nights 2016, the Bloomfield Cruisers will be parading their iconic, prized cars through Bloomfield every Wednesday through the end of August. The first one happened on the first of June.


The parade of cars starts near the corner of Bellevue Avenue and Broad Street and terminates in downtown Bloomfield at the Bloomfield Center, where the cars are then showcased posing in front of the tree-shaded storefronts that line the street. Automobiles of all eras made the crosstown journey, many of them the classic steel machines reminiscent of the 1950s and 60’s.


When I approached the starting location, I was stunned to see the beauty of the cars. At least 15 glistening, colorfully striking vehicles had filled the starting lot. Getting out of my car I heard the sound of all of them starting almost simultaneously. Loud engines, sonorous and pounding, filled the humid air and shook the guardrail I leaned on.  Then the cars began to file out, lined up fender to fender, one whitewall tire after the next. bc6

The chrome cruising, metallic muscle cars thundered down Broad Street, escorted by a police detail, to the honks of passing cars and joyful passerby, many of them astonished at the roaring engines and quantity of antique cars. The parade rolled down Broad St. turning the heads of everyone who saw the loud shining spectacle, most of them delighted in the nostalgia the cars beheld. It isn’t every day that people get a chance to witness a classic car, let alone 15 cruisers at once!

The parade ended at the Bloomfield Center. Located right in the heart of downtown Bloomfield, the cars began to back into the parking spots on a closed off section of Broad Street between Liberty Street and Bloomfield Avenue. This stretch is anchored by new Bloomfield College buildings and the greenly Bloomfield Center Park at the northern end, and the heart downtown Bloomfield at its southern end. This short but packed stretch of road contains dozens of restaurants, variety stores, clothing boutiques and banks. Lined with young, budding trees and iron streetlights, the antique cars added a winsome appearance to the already lively downtown scene.

People walked freely around Broad Street, roaming from car to car, observing the chrome details and pure craftsmanship that made each automobile unique. Taking in the metallic spectacle myself, I couldn’t help but feel jovial; it was an inviting atmosphere. The Bloomfield Cruisers have held a similar parade in years, but this year the Cruisers have bigger plans. This year, trophies for show winners will be awarded, courtesy of Lynnes Automotive Group. There is a DJ to play the hits, and there are food and drink tents, sponsored by the Bloomfield Cruisers, along with a kid’s corner section.  This year, they are looking to expand on their parade, incorporating more people and more cars into the show, which will bring more people to beautiful downtown Bloomfield.


Events like this are fueling Bloomfield’s renaissance. With the growth of Bloomfield College and new residential and mixed-use construction happening in the downtown area, Bloomfield is attracting a younger, professional demographic. And with the Bloomfield Cruisers car parade and other community events, more people are beginning to realize the charm of Bloomfield. The borough is connected to New York City via NJ Transit bus routes, and an NJ Transit train that serves the town, connecting riders to the Hoboken terminus and Penn Station in Manhattan via Secaucus. There is also a light-rail stop at the southern end of Bloomfield that takes riders directly to Newark Penn Station. The borough’s transit infrastructure and proximity to New York City makes for a flexible and quick commute. There are many reasons why people are choosing to relocate to Bloomfield; there’s something to offer everyone in this ever evolving town.

By Andrew Konzelmann

For Team Ellenbogen

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