Cruising Down Memory Lane

What a summer it has beenMemories of the numerous days of sunshine, warmth, and fun summertime activities are still replaying in so many people’s mindsIn addition, if you were lucky enough to experience certain events in Bloomfield, NJ, you probably have an enormous set of those types of memories to reminisce about as you enter the season of autumn. 
One event of Bloomfield’s that occurred several times throughout the summer was cleverly named “Cruise Night.” Each Wednesday evening, during the months of June, July, and August, was always an exciting and special time as classic cars were presented to the public on Broad StreetFamilies, friends, and car fanatics gathered on these nights between 6pm and 9pm to share in the observation and the appreciation of the aesthetically pleasing line-up of vehicles. 
2017 is the Bloomfield Center Alliance’s (BCA) 10th year of putting on this car show, and judging by the countlessglowing smiles and wonder-filled eyes that I witnessed all around me on August 30th, the last Cruise Night of the summer, it won’t be the BCA’s lastYoung children’s imaginations were ignited as their eyes caught sight of some of the most interesting automobiles they had ever laid their eyes onI think everyone could sense how exciting the idea of a car show was to those children and to the numerous adults present there that night; there was no way to contain such overwhelming happinessThere was so much chatter going on that night between friends as they stood around the classic cars and reminisced about “the good ol‘ days” where vehicles were made to have so much class and styleA few of the conversations that I overheard about the automobiles transitioned into conversations about family life and career success, proving that Cruise Night was not only able to showcase dozens of beautiful cars, but that it also had the power to bring people closer together in a sentimental wayThe Bloomfield Center Alliance made sure to make this event more than just about the vehicles; they made it about the citizens whom they care for so much. 
Townships such as Bloomfield always have a way of making people feel included and right at homeThe events Bloomfield prepares for its citizens have so much thought and detail put into them, and they make people realize that a town like this is a town they are happy to live inContact us if you believe you are having this realization, too and would like us to show you Bloomfield! 

Written by

Marsha Monel

For Team Ellenbogen

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