Sellers Information

Overwhelmed about the thought of listing your home?  Not sure of exactly where to start?  Let Team Ellenbogen assist you every step of the way with the selling process.

What do I do first?

You can educate yourself on the current market, and what buyers are looking for in a home. Home buyers of different generations are looking for different things.  Baby boomers may have been willing to put in ‘elbow grease’ capital but Millennials, rather than creating a dream home, they want to find a dream home ALREADY TO GO!

Confidence Grows

So preparing your home for sale in this market becomes very important. To find out what buyers may be looking for in this current market, listen to the videos we have on this page and review the trends.

What’s next?

Next, pick an agent!  You should have a list of criteria to use and questions to ask a prospective realtor.  Review some questions here.


How Do I Prepare My Home For Sale?

Let Team Ellenbogen Offer Their Expertise On What You Need To Do

Team Ellenbogen has an entire array of professionals to assist you in the process of preparing your home for sale.

A stager will be brought in who can advise you not only on furniture placement but what repairs may need to be accomplished. If the room needs additional furniture, etc. the stager can provide this.  This is all FREE-just part of our services to sellers.

If repair work is needed, Team Ellenbogen can suggest contractors, masons, painters, repairmen…basically, any specialty you may need.Team People On Blocks

Our Internet Marketing Director will also come to meet you to view the home so that the marketing campaign can be created, notes taken on special details to enhance the narrated virtual tour, instructions on any special pictures to showcase your home to it’s best advantage can be sent to the photographer, and all important information to complete the listing on both Garden State MLS and New Jersey MLS can be noted.

After the staging and/or repair work is completed, a professional real estate photographer will be employed to take the photos that will be used in the listing and in the narrated virtual tour.  This is a FREE service provided to you.

To review in more detail how Team Ellenbogen assists you during this phase, read the information on this page.

What price should it be listed at?house_cricle_money

How do I determine what price I should list for? I’ve done hours of research on the internet, I know what other homes have sold for in my area, I know how much money I’ve put into my home.

Well, consumer sites are not the best way to research the sell of homes. Sites such as Trulia, Zillow, etc. only receive sold information directly from realtors and many many realtors do not even report their sales on these sites.  Your realtor has access to the most accurate information available through the MLS’s and that is what they will use to do a Comparative Market Analysis on your home.

Read this important information on how price affects the saleability of your home here.

It’s listed…Now what?


There will most likely be a Broker Open House (usually on a Thursday from 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM) and a Public Open House (usually on a Sunday from 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM).  Arrangements with a showing company will be made who will contact you about setting up appointment times whenever an agent calls for showings.

What do I do when I get offers?

Alan Ellenbogen will present all offers to you and answer any questions you may have about the nuances of each offer. You make the final decision on what offer to accept.  Once accepted, the offer is sent to both attorney (seller and buyer) and the attorney review process begins.
The listing has a notation on the MLSs that the property is now in ARIP (Attorney Review In Process). Offers can still be submitted


for review. Once both attorneys have agreed on the language for the contract with their clients, they issue an “end of attorney review” statement and the listing is marked UC – Under Contract.

The Home Inspection…?

Just remember: the home inspector’s job is to find faults. The report should not be taken personally nor emotionally.

There is no home without flaws. It’s only a matter of the DEGREE of those flaws.Home-Inspection

Again, Alan will assist you with going over any demands from the buyers. Your attorney is also involved in the process.

The Buyer Receives the Commitment

We’re almost there! Once the buyer receives the commitment from the mortgage company, the title company will start to prepare the documents for closing. Your attorney will be involved at this point in the

Continued Certificate of Occupancy

If your municipality requires it, an inspection from the Code Enforcement Department and/or the Fire Department (smoke detectors, fire extinguishers) will be required. Alan will assist you with any paperwork that needs to be completed.House-Certificate-of-Occupancy_Page_0

Closing Day Arrivessold-icon

On the day of the closing, the buyer will request a walk through. The home should be empty and broom clean. You can attend the closing or sign a power of attorney for your lawyer to represent you.