The Parks of Nutley Township

Crown Jewel of Essex County

Miles of natural beauty, scenic paths, pristine bubbling rivers, gorgeous views of the sunset–all of this is just a short commute away from New York City. Nutley’s 9 parks–Booth Park, DeMuro Park, Father Glotzbach Park, Msgnr. Owens Park, Flora Louden Park, Kingsland Park, Nichols Park, Reinheimer Park and Memorial Parks I, II and III–are considered the most beautiful of Essex County’s sprawling park system. They feature drinking fountains and updated playground equipment, and many are within walking distance of residential areas, making it easy to take a refreshing scenic walk without having to go too far from home. Whether your plans include a relaxing evening stroll  or a brisk morning jog, Nutley’s parks have plenty to offer. Altogether, there are 12 baseball fields, 4 soccer fields, 2 tennis courts, and even a roller hockey rink. The town prides itself on the flawless condition of its park grounds and its commitment to conservation. The parks are the heart and soul of the community. They are a place of gathering for residents of Nutley, and their beauty has drawn the attention of visitors from all over New Jersey. Recreational programs are available for children as well as adults.

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Written for Team Ellenbogen by Nicole Carin