Love at First Sound

Walking into the basement of the Bloomfield Civic Center on Saturday, February 11th at around two o’clock that afternoon, I felt somewhat like a ghost. The elevator I had just stepped off of made a loud “Ding!” noise, and my flamboyant choice of footwear stuck out like a sore thumb against my neutral colored apparel. However, no one seemed to notice me. Something else in that room had grabbed their attention so tightly, had filled their eyes with looks of such enjoyment, excitement, and pure enchantment so – as it had seemed at moments – effortlessly, that almost nothing could possibly break their gaze of the impeccable group of talents that stood before them: Dr. Dubious and the Agnostics. Comprised of Tom Duncan (Doctor Dubious), Bart Bartholomew, Karen Bartholomew, Dick Dreiwitz, Barbara Dreiwitz, Dave Brown, and Monroe Quinn, this New York City jazz group has been performing their magic since 1998, and the recent commencement of the new year did not stop them from bringing on yet another powerful performance, and one of the best musical shows I have ever experienced, that Saturday afternoon.

A Concert of Jazz Resuscitation

The spirited sounds produced from the number of instruments on the stage that afternoon seemed to be at a jazzy war with one another, the clarinet at one point taking the spotlight, the piano creating mesmerizing melodies for the audience to fall weak to. It all somehow, however, seemed to blend together and form the kind of show that people hope to experience when attending a jazz concert: a show full of history, harmony, and heart. Doctor Dubious at one point joked with the crowd saying, “We are much older than all of you.” That got a laugh out of the audience members there that day, but there was certainly a much deeper meaning to what the clarinet player was trying to say. Jazz has been around for nearly one hundred years. With all of the new pop and mainstream music constantly being played around the country, jazz has somewhat died out and has even been forgotten by some. One can see why Dr. Dubious and the Agnostics are such inspirations to so many people. Regardless of the genres taking center stage in the world of music, this jazz group does not fail to bring the music they are passionate about to life each time they play. They proved that to the attendees of their concert on February 11, and their music playing did jazz justice. If any band can rekindle the fire in America’s heart about the beauty of jazz music, Dr. Dubious and the Agnostics are the ones to call.

This amazing concert held at the Bloomfield Civic Center just goes to show well Bloomfield knows how to show its citizens a wonderful time. From the music, to the restaurants, to the educational events planned for children – is there anything this township can’t do?




Written by

Marsha Monel

For Team Ellenbogen

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