Coming to Nutley: Biotech Company Producing ‘Animal-Free’ Leather

Modern Meadow is a private cutting edge biotech company that specializes in ‘animal-free’ leather using biofabrication. 


Let that sink in. It’s 2017 and animals DO NOT have to be raised in livestock, then killed for their skin. It also allows for less waste in the supply chains industry, livestock industry and leaves a better environmental footprint.  

Traditional leather requires – animals being raised – transported into slaughter – removal of hide – the hide is then shipped around the world. This leads to a long and inefficient supply chain.  

Co-Founder and CEO Andras Forgacs explains it more in depth at a TechCrunch conference: 

Founded in 2011, Modern Meadow prides itself on specializing in turning oil into high-performance tunable synthetic materials. By learning how protein folds, they sequenced their own genome and applied it to reading and writing DNA. In more simplistic terms, they have engineered living cells such as collagen protein to replicate leather-all without harming animals.  

Modern Meadow is set to receive up to $32 million in Grow NJ tax credits for relocating its Headquarters to Nutley, NJ. In addition, it required $53.5 million in funding and will add 200 employees by 2020. 

“With this move, Modern Meadow is committed to expanding its biofabrication platform and continuing to build next-generation materials for the consumers of the future. We are thrilled to be in close proximity to a scientific talent pool and look forward to growing with Nutley,” says CEO Andrew Forgacs. 

Modern Meadow will be part of the Hackensack University Health Network and Seton Hall University on the 116-arce property, the site of the old Hoffman LaRoche facility. 

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