Day of Closing


You should bring the following items with you the day you are closing:

  • A certified check for closing costs and down payment; your attorney will let you know the exact figures
  • Photo IDs
  • Social security numbers
  • Addresses for the past 10 years

Here is a Checklist for Closing: CFPB-Checklist

On closing day, with the guidance of your attorney, a settlement agent and your agent, you’ll sign documents that do the following:

    • Finalize your mortgage
    • Delivery of the buyers funds by lender
    • Pay the seller
    • Pay your closing costs
    • Transfer the title from the seller to you
    • Make arrangements to legally record the transaction as a public record
    • Deliver the deed
      A deed is the document that transfers ownership of real estate. The deed names the seller and buyer, gives a legal description of the property, and contains the notarized signatures of the seller and witnesses.
      The deed will be taken and recorded at the county clerk’s office

Here is a guide to the closing forms you will see that day CFPB-Guide-To-Forms