Harvest Fest 2018: It Blew the Leaves and Us Away!

Cruising Down Memory Lane

What a summer it has beenMemories of the numerous days of sunshine, warmth, and fun summertime activities are still replaying in so many people’s mindsIn addition, if you were lucky enough to experience certain events in Bloomfield, NJ, you probably have an enormous set of those types of memories to reminisce about as you enter the season of autumn. 
One event of Bloomfield’s that occurred several times throughout the summer was cleverly named “Cruise Night.” Each Wednesday evening, during the months of June, July, and August, was always an exciting and special time as classic cars were presented to the public on Broad StreetFamilies, friends, and car fanatics gathered on these nights between 6pm and 9pm to share in the observation and the appreciation of the aesthetically pleasing line-up of vehicles. 
2017 is the Bloomfield Center Alliance’s (BCA) 10th year of putting on this car show, and judging by the countlessglowing smiles and wonder-filled eyes that I witnessed all around me on August 30th, the last Cruise Night of the summer, it won’t be the BCA’s lastYoung children’s imaginations were ignited as their eyes caught sight of some of the most interesting automobiles they had ever laid their eyes onI think everyone could sense how exciting the idea of a car show was to those children and to the numerous adults present there that night; there was no way to contain such overwhelming happinessThere was so much chatter going on that night between friends as they stood around the classic cars and reminisced about “the good ol‘ days” where vehicles were made to have so much class and styleA few of the conversations that I overheard about the automobiles transitioned into conversations about family life and career success, proving that Cruise Night was not only able to showcase dozens of beautiful cars, but that it also had the power to bring people closer together in a sentimental wayThe Bloomfield Center Alliance made sure to make this event more than just about the vehicles; they made it about the citizens whom they care for so much. 
Townships such as Bloomfield always have a way of making people feel included and right at homeThe events Bloomfield prepares for its citizens have so much thought and detail put into them, and they make people realize that a town like this is a town they are happy to live inContact us if you believe you are having this realization, too and would like us to show you Bloomfield! 

Written by

Marsha Monel

For Team Ellenbogen

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A Cheerful Christmas Children’s Celebration!

Santa Claus

Bloomfield Township’s Recreation Department truly went all out creating a lively and exciting children’s holiday experience on Saturday, December 10  from 12 noon to 3 at the Civic Center on 84 Broad Street. The young boys and girls entered the buildiphoto-dec-10-1-11-47-pmng with great joy and enthusiasm as they feasted their eyes on quite the jolly and friendly Santa Claus, as well as all the creative and well thought out Christmas decorations constructed by the Recreation Department. Bloomfield’s Children’s Holiday Program was definitely a success.

There truly was never a dull moment at the Civic Center that day. The children eagerly had their pictures with Santa taken and a mailbox was placed near one of the shimmering Christmas trees so they could drop off their letters to Santa. The youngsters munched on delicious goodies and sipped on the sweetest beverages as holiday movies were being played on a wide television screen for their entertainment. Face painting and arts-and-crafts were also available much to the young one’s delight. Many of them seemed very excited about the activities; the children of Bloomfield are quite the artistic and creative bunch.

As if the amount of enjoyment that the Recreation Department had planned was insufficient, they also prepared the event so that the activities that the little oneadult-at-christmas-celebrations took part in were santa-with-childrencarried out in the most organized and efficient way possible. An example of this occurred when the workers gave each guest a number that would be called when it was their turn to have their picture with Santa taken. This strategy of not having to wait in a long and boring line allowed the children to spend their time participating in fun activities while their peers were having their pictures taken. The accompanying adults were especially pleased with and appreciative of this act of consideration. They, too, seemed to be enjoying the festivities that the Bloomfield’s Recreation Department arranged.

Children are certainly not the only citizens of Bloomfield that have opportunities to be dazzled by the Township’s happenings and ideas. There are numerous events for all of residents to have a good time and to feel truly connected with members of the community. The Township of Bloomfield makes sure of that repeatedly by offering diverse activities and therefore, it has earned the reputation of being a very enjoyable place to live.

Written by

Marsha Monel

For Team Ellenbogen

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Trunk or Treat: A Halloween Delight

Fun at Trunk or Treat

Probably one of the most creative and enjoyable Halloween experiences Bloomfield residents are able to attend with their families, the Trunk or Treat event, was held on Saturday, October 29. Hosted by the Bloomfield Center Alliance Inc. in the Farrand St. parking lot from 12 pm to 3 pm, it involved prizes for the best-decorated vehicle and plenty of Trick or Treating.

The thirtrunk honoring the Day of the Deadd place prize was awarded to the owner of the trunCreatures of the Forestk representing and honoring Dios de la Muerte, “The Day of the Dead”, a Mexican holiday that is celebrated on November 1. The second place prize went to the owner of the trunk that exhibited talking creatures from an autumn themed forest. Many of the children enjoyed this trunk immensely, gathering around and listening to the somewhat creepy, but amazingly Bloomfield Center Alliance Trunkfriendly, creatures that did not fail to engage those who put themselves in their presence. Quite a sight! The owner of the trunk that took home the bacon that day represented Bloomfield Township, the beauty of the season of autumn, and what it has to offer. The Bloomfield Center Alliance Inc. and the spectators of this incredibly fun event were impressed and inspired by the messages that trunk displayed so wonderfully.

Although costumes were not mandatory, many people, both children and adults, were dressed in some of the scariest and most adorable costumes. The children had lots of fun as they enjoyed edible goodies from Jack’s Super Foodtown and went from trunk to trunk, trick or treating a bit earlier than they were probably accustomed to doing.

Boo!- Utiful Costumes All Around

Kids at Trunk or Treatfirefighter costumeFamily at Trunk or Treat







Events such as this Trunk or Treat event are great reminders of how important the aspects of fun and joy are to Bloomfield. Along with efficient medical attention, delectable restaurant menu options, and trendy clothing stores, Bloomfield never fails to deliver a good time for its grateful citizens.


Written by

Marsha Monel

For Team Ellenbogen

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Bloomfield Cruisers Inaugural Parade Thunders into Downtown

The first day of June had rolled around with the Bloomfield Cruisers in hot pursuit. As part of Cruise Nights 2016, the Bloomfield Cruisers will be parading their iconic, prized cars through Bloomfield every Wednesday through the end of August. The first one happened on the first of June.


The parade of cars starts near the corner of Bellevue Avenue and Broad Street and terminates in downtown Bloomfield at the Bloomfield Center, where the cars are then showcased posing in front of the tree-shaded storefronts that line the street. Automobiles of all eras made the crosstown journey, many of them the classic steel machines reminiscent of the 1950s and 60’s.


When I approached the starting location, I was stunned to see the beauty of the cars. At least 15 glistening, colorfully striking vehicles had filled the starting lot. Getting out of my car I heard the sound of all of them starting almost simultaneously. Loud engines, sonorous and pounding, filled the humid air and shook the guardrail I leaned on.  Then the cars began to file out, lined up fender to fender, one whitewall tire after the next. bc6

The chrome cruising, metallic muscle cars thundered down Broad Street, escorted by a police detail, to the honks of passing cars and joyful passerby, many of them astonished at the roaring engines and quantity of antique cars. The parade rolled down Broad St. turning the heads of everyone who saw the loud shining spectacle, most of them delighted in the nostalgia the cars beheld. It isn’t every day that people get a chance to witness a classic car, let alone 15 cruisers at once!

The parade ended at the Bloomfield Center. Located right in the heart of downtown Bloomfield, the cars began to back into the parking spots on a closed off section of Broad Street between Liberty Street and Bloomfield Avenue. This stretch is anchored by new Bloomfield College buildings and the greenly Bloomfield Center Park at the northern end, and the heart downtown Bloomfield at its southern end. This short but packed stretch of road contains dozens of restaurants, variety stores, clothing boutiques and banks. Lined with young, budding trees and iron streetlights, the antique cars added a winsome appearance to the already lively downtown scene.

People walked freely around Broad Street, roaming from car to car, observing the chrome details and pure craftsmanship that made each automobile unique. Taking in the metallic spectacle myself, I couldn’t help but feel jovial; it was an inviting atmosphere. The Bloomfield Cruisers have held a similar parade in years, but this year the Cruisers have bigger plans. This year, trophies for show winners will be awarded, courtesy of Lynnes Automotive Group. There is a DJ to play the hits, and there are food and drink tents, sponsored by the Bloomfield Cruisers, along with a kid’s corner section.  This year, they are looking to expand on their parade, incorporating more people and more cars into the show, which will bring more people to beautiful downtown Bloomfield.


Events like this are fueling Bloomfield’s renaissance. With the growth of Bloomfield College and new residential and mixed-use construction happening in the downtown area, Bloomfield is attracting a younger, professional demographic. And with the Bloomfield Cruisers car parade and other community events, more people are beginning to realize the charm of Bloomfield. The borough is connected to New York City via NJ Transit bus routes, and an NJ Transit train that serves the town, connecting riders to the Hoboken terminus and Penn Station in Manhattan via Secaucus. There is also a light-rail stop at the southern end of Bloomfield that takes riders directly to Newark Penn Station. The borough’s transit infrastructure and proximity to New York City makes for a flexible and quick commute. There are many reasons why people are choosing to relocate to Bloomfield; there’s something to offer everyone in this ever evolving town.

By Andrew Konzelmann

For Team Ellenbogen

Bloomfield Harvest Fest 2015

Blog Sign

Bloomfield’s two day 2015 Harvest Fest, on September 26th and 27th, heralded the arrival of fall with all the color, flair, and excitement that has come to be expected of this annual treat. Although there was not quite the nip in the air one hopes for when you think of a harvest festival, the beautiful sun filled skies made for perfect family fun days with live music, food, and children running around with painted faces eating cotton candy. Indeed it is an event for the whole family, which is hosted by the Bloomfield Center Alliance (BCA).

Blog Harvest Fest

This year Harvest fest included over 100 marketplace exhibits, including handmade pottery, art, candles, jewelry and more! While the kids enjoyed the many amusement rides, games and activities offered in the KidZone section, adults perused the many vendors exhibiting the wears. Maybe even getting a jump on some early holiday shopping, which will be here before you know it.

Blog 2 Music

“I have been coming to the festival every year since the beginning; the first time I came to the festival [my son] was in a stroller,” said Amy, a 30 year resident of Bloomfield. “The very first year it was more for the kids. This year they have more variety, more vendors. It’s been building up. The whole neighborhood is building up.”

“I think it shows the diversity of Bloomfield,” said Eileen Blades. “I have been coming every year since my children were small. I’m from Bloomfield, my mother lived here, and my grandmother lived here.”

The festival, which continues to grow each year, ran the length of Broad Street between Belleville and Bloomfield avenues, and part of Glenwood Avenue.

Blog 4“The first time I came was three years ago with my company Windsor Resort Hotel, based in Parsippany,” said Bernie Begley, one of the vendor representatives. “I love the assortment of people. Everybody is in a good mood and the weather was perfect. I walk the festival every year. Even I get a break now and then to grab a shish kabob.”

“I really love fairs and festivals, I’m go their for the chachkies, food and contests,” said Jacqueline Apicella, event coordinator for the BCA, who expected the bigger turnout for the festival this year. “You meet a lot of people, and find out about so many things in town. Sometimes people just don’t know.”

The Harvest Fest is just one of many events hosted by the BCA, whose mission is to promote the continuously growing commerce of Bloomfield Township. A non-profit community development organization that manages the downtown business district, they work with local businesses, as well as new incoming businesses, to help with their promotion and establishment.

Blog Harvest Fest Disney

“This is one of many events the Alliance sponsors annually throughout the year,” said Apicella. “It’s all to bring local businesses and shoppers together in the downtown area. Every [local] business has a little mini webpage on our website. We are really here to help bring the businesses together. You need to help each other and work off each other. “

“In October we are looking to do something with Home Depot, including workshops with the community, in November you will have the high school indoor flea market with the local businesses, and in December we [will be promoting] Shop Small Business with American Express,” said Apicella.

Blog PumpkinsFor more information, call the Bloomfield Center Alliance, located at 2 Broad St., Suite 201, at 973.429.8050 or visit www.bloomfieldcenter.com.




If you are new to the Bloomfield community, make sure to be on the lookout for the next upcoming events hosted by the BCA. These types of events are what this community is known for and if you’re thinking of purchasing a home here, Bloomfield offers many sponsored events for all to enjoy.

Mes Rêves in Bloomfield

A Dream Come True in Bloomfield

Mes Reves

On the corner of Broad and Baldwin in Bloomfield sits a humble slice of Paris called Mes Rêves–that’s French for “My Dreams.” On a chilly December night, it’s a welcome sight. Just looking through the big windows at this small but charming restaurant is enough to warm your heart, not to mention whet your appetite.

Mes Rêves offers an intimate setting. The restaurant’s layout was inspired by a small NYC eatery called Jean Claude that the owners used to frequent.  Sleek wood walls, panels of exposed brick, old monochrome photographs and soft recessed lights all work together to put you at ease. The result is a unique, understated classiness that looks like a SoHo bistro but feels like home. Here, the day simply melts away.

This small but wonderful establishment is the dream of Chefs Quang and Tammie Tran. For Quang, food runs in the family. His Saigon-based grandfather’s specialty is French-Vietnamese cuisine, so it’s no surprise that many of the dishes served at Mes Rêves are French-inspired. His father also works as a chef in Toronto. Quang, for his part, is happy to have planted his roots in Bloomfield.

“The location is good for customers coming from Montclair and Glen Ridge, which is right up the road, but also for Nutley and Belleville,” he told the Bloomfield Patch. “Ninety percent of our customers are neighborhood people. We’d love to become their local bistro.” It took nearly three years for the restaurant to open in 2011, but the Trans have since made a name for themselves in Bloomfield. If their glowing reviews on Yelp are anything to go by, then it’s safe to say that Mes Rêves is a dream come true.

From beautifully-served traditional French entrees like Steak Au Poivre and Escargot to mouth-watering desserts (if you’ve never had creme brulee, frankly, you need to stop reading and make a reservation yesterday), it seems like there’s no epicurean delight Mes Rêves doesn’t offer. To top it all off, it’s a BYOB establishment. You’re welcome to enjoy their delectable Bread Pudding or Seared Sea Scallops with your favorite bottle of wine.

Mes Rêves
407 Broad Street
Bloomfield, NJ 07003
Mon – Sat: 5:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Written for Team Ellenbogen by Nicole Carin
Gallery images taken from Yelp.com

The Orange Squirrel in Bloomfield

Dine at Bloomfield’s Best-Kept Secret

Sitting modestly across from a Hyundai dealership, the Orange Squirrel looks plain and unassuming. You’d never know that inside lies the pride of Bloomfield: a modern, aesthetically pleasing restaurant manned by renowned chefs and lauded by Esquire Magazine, Today and Inside Jersey. Dave Corcoran of the New York Times called it “the most exciting new restaurant I’ve come across in 2009.”

Step inside, and the hustle and bustle of Bloomfield Avenue melts away. You’re transported to a chic, laid-back Upper East Side eatery personally designed by head chef Francesco Palmieri. There is impeccable attention to detail–bright tangerine chairs, Italian tiles, soft lighting, exposed whitewashed brick walls and a “floating” handcrafted limestone bar put you in just the right mood for a hearty meal. The Orange Squirrel is also one of a handful of East Coast restaurants to feature a custom-finished Wood Stone 8645 Fire Deck oven.

Together with Sous Chef Andy Watterson, Palmieri is thrilled to see his culinary vision take root in his hometown. Both men are graduates of the Culinary Institute of America. Before opening the Orange Squirrel, Palmieri worked in several upscale New York Restaurants, including Windows on the World and Coco Palazzo. Watterson previously worked in Las Vegas at Alize and Rosemary’s alongside a number of acclaimed chefs, including Michelin Star Chef Andre Rochat.

The Orange Squirrel serves classic dishes with unexpected twists. This isn’t the kind of restaurant with a menu half written in French. The ingredients are familiar, but served in a unique and appealing way. Take, for instance, the Lobster Cobb Salad, which features avocado in the form of a mousse. The Tuna Tartare is highlighted by a drizzle of wasabi aioli. Unexpected elements are mixed together to form a complex and harmonious taste, like Mascarpone Polenta or Duck Raviolo with carrot quinoa. If you’re really feeling adventurous, try the Skate Wing–yes, Skate Wing–with guava puree and crispy plantains.

The Orange Squirrel
412 Bloomfield Avenue
Bloomfield, NJ 07003
Lunch: 12:15-2:45pm / Tues–Thurs
Dinner: 5:30-10:30pm / Mon–Wed
Dinner: 5:30-11:30pm / Thurs–Sat.
Closed Sundays
Reservations are suggested
Written for Team Ellenbogen by Nicole Carin
Photos from Yelp.com

Exclusively for Bloomfield: A Community Website

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Bloomfield is a town on the rise. It has so much to offer, and its proximity to New York City makes it a great place to live, work and own a business. We are proud to introduce a new website dedicated to providing information about this community that is undergoing a transformation. You can also find out about our Bloomfield listings.

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